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Royal Turf not only offers landscaping and lawn care to the Cedar Falls, IA area, but we also offer trenching. This is a part of landscaping that is never seen, but is necessary to the growth of your landscapes. If you are in need of landscape design, installation, trenching, and maintenance give us a call today. We offer the best rates in the area on trenching and all the other aspects of landscaping and lawn care.


Large excavation tractor used for trenching yards for landscapingWhat is Trenching?

Trenching is the part of landscaping that is never seen. While your Cedar Falls home or business may have a beautiful landscape, it always must have an irrigation area that helps to drain surplus water as well as produce water where necessary. Trenching is basically what you think it is. It is the act of digging a trench, but instead of leaving it for the world to see, our expert landscapers work hard to cover up the irrigation system and provide a beautiful area around your landscapes and flower beds.


Why is Trenching Important?

Without the proper drainage area your landscapes may become oversaturated from rain. If this happens it can cause your beautiful flowers and shrubs to rot at the root. Which in turns causes the flowers to die. It is also important because Royal Turf can set up a watering system at your Cedar Falls home or office that will give just the right amount of water needed for your landscapes. This way you will not be over watering and causing your water bill to skyrocket. Trenching is a very important part of all landscapes and you should always trust the professionals on installing an irrigation system. Give us a call today for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment.

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